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Birthday Party Options:

  • Air Blast! (all ages) - Air Blast is an incredible birthday party traveling through the world of air pressure! Boys and girls alike will be amazed when they create mini-tornados with vortex generators. Children will have a hands-on experiment using tornado tubes to make a visible vortex!!
  • Mad About Blue (ages 8+) - Mad About Blue is all about light and electricity. The Mad Scientist will generate a miniature bolt of lighting to light up a neon tube, florescent bulb, and to simulate what happens during an electrical storm. Through numerous demonstrations, kids will learn about the properties of visible and ultraviolet light, and learn how colorful fireworks are made. Note - requires that the room be darkened for some of the experiments.
  • Chemical Commotion (all ages) - In this party kids will experience sand that is afraid of water, acid-base reactions, and many more exciting and thought provoking chemical reactions. We will make a volcano, explode a balloon with electricity, and experience our exciting canister poppers!


Birthday Party Pricing:

  • 15 children and under - $199
  • Between 16 and 24 children - $219
  • Between 25 and 32 children - $229
  • Over 32 children - $6 extra per child
  • Preschool (4-5 year olds) - $155 and up  approximately 40 minutes 


Optional Party Add-ons

We can keep your children's attention for quite a while more with these optional additional experiments.   They make for great Party finales! Each add-on experiment adds approximately 15 extra minutes to the party.  

Price:   $40 for the first add-on,  $35 for the 2nd, and $30 for the third and any more  

Dry Ice Show

Our most popular add on!  Discover the fascinating properties of Dry Ice and watch really "cool" chemical reactions in action with bubbling potions. Take a gas bubble bath, uncover the secret to monster movie fog and taste a Mad Science "burp".

Sound Effects 

Explore sound through vibration and waves. Experience how sound travels differently through the 3 states of matter and use our multi-effects processor to alter your own voice, with lots of cool special effects.

Hovercraft Ride

Explore the forces of motion, the power of air pressure and frictionless travel with our version of a flying carpet as you glide across the room!  Everyone gets a ride! 

A Real Rocket Launch

Your child will lead the countdown, press the firing button and launch a rocket that will soar over 300 feet into the air! After recovery, your child gets to keep and decorate a rocket. The best part - the rocket can be launched over and over again!

Science of Cotton Candy

Who knew science could taste this good! Learn about the amazing reaction that occurs when you combine heat, sugar and centrifugal force - you get cotton candy! Transforming matter from a solid to a liquid to candy... This is one experiment you'll all love to eat.

Laser Effects -Light Show 

Discover LASERS, light and reflection. See how light can diffract and experience a wild color spectrum.  Experience how lasers work and a laser show with fog.  


Merchandise  - Would you like some extra exciting science items for the party goers?  

Goody Bags - Each bag contains the following items:  ($5 each

  • Helix Flyer - Cool spinning action. Flyes over 20 feet and lands softly like a helicopter.
  • The Air Blaster - Apply the principles of air pressure as you send foam rockets flying!
  • Polymer Putty - Stretch it! Shape it! Snap it! Stamp it! Lots of fun applications.
  • Soak and Grow Insect - Put it in water and watch it grow 6 times its original size!
  • The amazing Flip Top - Is it science or magic? This top does things you won't believe.

Invitations  and/or cards - $10 per pack of 15 

Birthday parties start off on the right foot with these Mad Science Party Invitations, and can end on a cool note with thank you cards.  A wonderful way to allow guests to feel the theme of the party before and after the party. Includes envelopes.  Sold in packs of 15.

Diffraction Glasses - $1.50 each

See light in all its glory  (and colors) with these light bending glasses. Once you put them on  you won't ever want to take them off! Goes great with the Laser/Light add-on. 

Thermo Color Cups - $2.00 each

Cups made of a plastic that changes color with temperature.  Complete explanation on the sides. Drop an ice cube in and watch the cool effects. Goes great with the Dry Ice add-on for all to make their own bubbling potions.    

Also great to use as a container for your own take home items.   

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