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Mad Science Spectacular Assemblies.  

These held at the location of your choice and can range between 30 minutes to a full hour. They are dynamic, science-themed shows are full of spectacular experiments designed to spark an interest in science. They are highly interactive, utilizing volunteers and assistants throughout the event, and include demonstrations of amazing chemical reactions, special effects, and fantastic forces. Although pure science fun, these events are highly educational and include pre and post activity guides and lesson extensions to reinforce the learning experience. Our goal with these programs is get children excited about science, and make them take a new and inquisitive look at the world around around them.   

NEW - Available after August 2019

Space – A Universe of Science! 

Help us celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first human to walk on the moon with some FUN and exciting Space science!  We will investigate rocket aerodynamics, thrust, and trajectory to see what it took to get to the moon.  The fun doesn’t stop there, with the help of volunteers we head out into our solar system to survey other planets, comets and celestial bodies.  As we explore the immense scale of interstellar and galactic distances - a universe of adventures and untold stories await us…. 


Fire and Ice
Audiences will be amazed in this event as they experience the effects of very hot and very cold. Meet our friend Eggbert and help him get into his home. Witness a show-stopping exothermic reaction. Volunteers will get to see matter transform from one state to another by tasting a fizzing Mad Science “burp” potion, and taking a Mad Science bubble bath and shower. They will also be in a scary movie scene using dry ice special effects! Our most popular show!


Fantastic Fire and Ice - NEW for 2017!!
Looking to up and science and fun? Fantastic Fire and Ice doubles the Mad Scientists, adds music, and increases the number of participants to up to 500 to our Fire and Ice show! Call us for scheduling and pricing!  

Up, Up, and Away!
This spellbinding special event introduces children to the principles of air pressure. Children are amazed as a soda bottle is crushed before their very eyes and understand how air pressure affects the world around us. A hot air balloon and a giant beach ball will levitate. Giant smoke vortexes will be created. A lucky volunteer will experience the power of air pressure and frictionless travel as they ride our amazing Mad Science hovercraft.

Super Hero Science: The Science Behind the Powers!
In this exciting program we will “unmask” super hero powers that we read about and see in the movies with exciting interactive demonstrations. Be amazed as minds are read, electricity is controlled, and magnetism is contained. Find out how super heroes control fire and harness air pressure. Through science we can explore how all of us can aspire to be super heroes. Spiderman was told: “With great power comes great responsibility” - With great science comes great FUN! 

Spin, Pop, Boom!
The audience will be amazed when we defy gravity in this energetic and spectacular special event. Children will be enthralled with an amazing Coke-and-Mentos fountain. They will watch as the Mad Scientist creates an extra hand to help with some of the more complicated experiments. An explosion of foam and a confetti blast will help to end this event and leave the audience begging for more.

Sounds Like Science
In this special event children will unlock the mystery of sound using ordinary items to make spectacular noises. We will create a crazy cacophony with a garbage can, a swinging sound tube, and a metal pipe! Children will cheer as pickles glow! There is even a kid-created thunder storm! Eating a pickle will never be the same after experiencing this exciting show.


The Science of Magic
A magician's worst nightmare - Magic secrets will be revealed as the students understand the pivotal role science plays in the world of magic. Discover how magicians use science to create illusions and slight-of-hand to misdirect their audiences. We will unravel the mystery of mind bending rope and card tricks, and see if magicians make things really disappear.

Be Tobacco Free
An exciting, educational, and entertaining approach to help children make healthy choices about using tobacco products. An interactive event featuring the science behind tobacco use through fun demonstrations that show tobacco's effects on your mouth, skin, teeth, lungs, arteries, heart, and even your wallet! Volunteers will pump up a real sheep’s lung, and children will see how the heart and lungs work and discover all about the toxic chemicals contained in tobacco products.

What Do We Know About H2O?

This highly interactive event is about the wonders of water and our need to protect it.  Students will be amazed at the incredible and often unknown properties of water. The presentation flows from understanding how water acts physically, to the importance of water conservation and what we can do to save this vital resource.  Experiencing hands-on activities and inspiring demonstrations, students discover the wonders of water and ways in which they can preserve this precious resource.


  • Assemblies can accommodate up to 250 students.  We commonly do multiple shows for different grade ranges and discount after the first. 

  • Assemblies are flexible and can be customized to suit your needs, schedule, budget, or audience size.  We have specialized themed Halloween and winter break programs 

  • Assemblies are great to use as a rewards program, or for PTA nights.  We will work with you to increase attendance and family participation  -  We can add take homes and/or door prizes for attendance, set up a hands-on fun station, give families do-at-home science ideas, help initiate and/or judge science projects, etc......

 We Have FUN Down to Science!


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