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Hands-on Booths

Mad Science Hands-on Fun Stations

These imaginative and interactive experiment booths come equipped with exciting hands-on science activities, and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor events. At each station children get to do science, and at some stations get a cool take-home. Multiple stations can be set up. They are great for science nights, fairs, carnivals, and/or any FUN-raising or promotional event. Here are a few of the topics that we offer. For a complete list, click the link below.

Chemistry Canister Poppers - At this station children will get to experience the power of compressed carbon dioxide and acid-base reactions by creating a mini popper explosion. A real favorite among children and completely safe.

Ecosystems - Here children will learn about ecosystems, what defines them, their component parts and how they can be sustained by actually creating one to take home.

Harnessing Heat - Children will experience how matter changes with temperature with some hot and cold demonstrations including the making of sugar glass! Everyone will get a cone and will learn the interesting history of spun sugar. This science is very sweet! 

Amazing Air Pressure - Discover just how powerful the air around us actually is with cool hands-on investigations of how much pressure it exerts, how it moves under pressure (giant vortexes), and the effects of it (Bernoulli Effect).

Moving Motion - Action equals reaction at this energetic station as students discover the science behind movement performing experiments with friction, inertia and other physical forces. Buckle up for a spectacular demonstration of these forces with a hovercraft ride.

Lava Lamps - Densities, the science of color, and wave action will be all explored here when children will get to make their own lava lamps to take home. A real splash and very cool!



Slippery Science - Let's get Slimed! Children get to explore the exciting world of polymers through seeing and touching examples and learning how they are used. They will also get to transform two liquids by chemical reaction into an oozing batch of their very own slime.

Sonic Sounds - Children get to actually see sound through creating standing waves with our string things, experience how it travels differently through the 3 states of matter, and use our multi-effects processor to alter their own voice, with lots of cool special effects.

Dry Ice Storm - At this station children will explore the 3 states of matter by seeing water turn to ice in seconds, and experience the mystery of sublimation. They will see just how cold “cold” can really be by witnessing shivering metals and bubbling potions. Children will also get to see CO2 at work by tasting carbonation. 

Dinosaurs - Examine real fossil casts, and explore the differences in herbivore and carnivore dinosaurs. Students will participate in a mini dinosaur excavation and make a cast of a dinosaur tooth to take home

“Watts Up” Electricity - Children will investigate the power of electricity, its properties, and its role in natural phenomena. They will see indoor lightning, experience hair-raising experiments, and solve the riddle of conductivity while creating circuits. 

Rocket Balloons - Children will learn about rockets, rocket powered flight, and thrust by teaming with other students to demonstrate how thrust can be directed and is used for power.

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