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Camp Descriptions

There are a great number of topics covered in our week-long camps. 

Themes include:

Eureka! Into the Future

Inventing means dreaming. These days it seems like what used to be science fiction is now reality. In this camp, children will discover SciFi writers Jules Verne and Isaac Asimov. They dreamed the future -which is now today! We'll experiment with submarines, space stations, and LASERs. Kids will utilize Star Wars technology to build their own Mad Science Light Stick and choreograph a Saber Dance. Build a human machine and discover Rube Goldberg who made simple tasks extremely complicated...but more FUN! Inventing means cooperation. Orville and Wilbur Wright worked together to develop the first self-controlled motorized flying machine as well as cool toys. Children will step into space by launching self-built rockets and go home with a squadron of paper airplanes for further test flights. This camp will surely allow their dreams to take off! To the Future...and beyond!

Eureka! Back to the Past

Inventing means curiosity! Kids discover inventions from some of the greatest inventors of all time: daVinci, Nikola Tesla, Benjamin Franklin, Archimedes, and more. Campers will experiment with bridges, forts, flying machines, and a trebuchet. What would you do if you were shipwrecked on a deserted island?  Kids build inventions to survive and eventually escape the island! The fun will continue with take homes like Mad Science Catapults, Circuit Mazes and Mystery Key to name a few.

NASA: Junior Astronaut Training

In 25 years NASA is planning to have an established moon base and be going to Mars. That puts our elementary students at just the right age to lead this exciting phase of exploration. Let’s get a head start on training! This hands-on camp was designed with NASA and is out of this WORLD!

Mad Machines

Whether you love to build things or destroy them, this week of camp includes lots of both! Junior engineers will design and build bridges and skyscrapers using simple tools and their imaginations and even construct a geodesic dome big enough for all the campers to sit inside! Build a take home puzzle that may even stump your parents! Then the machine madness starts... Discover how many different machines, simple & complex, we use in our daily lives. Campers will have fun building their own catapults to take home and will design simple machines using pulleys, wedges, screws and levers.

Crazy Chemworks

Delve into the world of atoms, molecules and chemical reactions. From the super tiny to the super slimey, this fun, hands-on and interactive program for children ages 6-12 sends them on a fascinating journey of exploration and discovery! Get introduced to lab equipment, discover how and why things glow, and investigate the science of Sticky-ness. Test pH with different indicators and find out why acids and bases don’t get along. Investigate the science of COLD! Lots of cool daily take homes to stock your new home lab.  


The Science of our Bodies - This camp offers a chance to explore just how gross our amazing bodies are! Discover cool chemical reactions, and get right down to the microscopic level to discover the stuff we're all made of—cells!Venture inward on a journey down the “Organ Trail” and explore all our body systems. Create an organ apron and a model lung to take home. Finish the week with an introduction to some of the gross body chemistry we all need, including burping, farting, spit and why we need mucus - make your own brain goo to keep!


A mixed bag of fun science. In our Nature days, you will learn how birds and beasts catch their prey and then explore survival skills. Discover what owls eat by dissecting an owl pellet, then build a bird feeder to take home. In our Shutterbugs session explore the use of light and make a cool kaleidoscope.  Explore how cameras work, catch a shadow picture and make your own movie. Then experiment with some cool chemistry making bath fizzies and discover the power of clean by testing how detergents work with your favorite stains.

Red Hot Robots

Join us for a week of fun with amazing robots! Learn about the uses of robots in our world and spend time experimenting with different types including sound sensing robots, line-tracking robots, amphibious robots and the cutest robotic puppy EVER - Zoomer! Discover the science of circuits and how robots use sensors to explore things around them. Use your skills to build your very own working robot to take home with you! (for ages: entering 2nd grade to entering 7th grade)

Spy Academy: Mission Impossible

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is the have FUN! Send secret coded messages, examine fingerprints and fiber evidence, construct high-tech security systems, and build your own secret safe that no one can crack! Become a super spy and learn clever ways of performing tasks in this hands-on view of the science that spies use. This message will self destruct in 3…2…


Secret Agent Lab: Funky Forensics

In Suspects, schematics and sleuths…Oh my! Connect the dots using science to help solve a crime in this hands-on investigation on the science of sleuthing. Study a crime scene and tag evidence. Find clues surrounding the scene and investigate a real who-dun-it! Use your powers of inspection and deduction! Use skills of recall and observation, take a closer look at evidence with forensics, decode messages, and find out how spies work under cover. All great fun in this camp for our junior detectives!


Earth Avengers!

With great solar power comes great responsibility! Come with us on a journey to protect our planet...with SCIENCE!!! In this exciting camp we will be GOING GREEN We will experiment with solar powered vehicles, inspect plants at a microscopic level, and make animal tracks! We will clean up oil spills on water, observe worms turning trash into soil, and change the color of plants. In the end, we will see the Earth through a completely different lens...using diffraction glasses! by testing for acid rain, making recycled paper, and building your own water filtration system

CSI – The Chemistry of Crime!

This camp mixes chemistry with crime solving! Discover how matter is never created or destroyed, use elements to form molecules that you can eat, experiment with electrochemistry to make a battery out of ketchup and learn the recipe for invisible ink! Then team up with fellow campers to investigate a real crime scene, gather evidence, and catch a suspect!


Sport, Space & Spies!

We will discover how to be a spy and decipher codes us using espionage secrets and learn different ways to send messages.  Use Morse code to send secret transmissions and learn how to interpret it. In the Science of Sport - Jump right into the science of athletics and test what your toes have to do with tennis and what your feet have to do with football.  We will test your lung capacity and crash eggs. Then we Blast off launching all types of rockets including engine, air and water powered ones.  Test soil for "Martian" life, experiment with space suit design, and get a taste and feel for what and how astronauts eat.   You will experiment with different space forces and build your own rubber band powered space shuttle to take home. Daily fun take homes. 


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