Our Show and Assembly Themes


Winter Event

Experience the wonder and amazement of the holidays in this winter themed science show. Participate in a snowball float, experiment with dry ice, even take a ride on an air-powered sleigh. This event will leave you with chills.


Fire and Ice

This spectacular show thrills audiences with impressive science experiments. The event includes foggy dry ice storms and demonstrates how energy and matter go hand in hand. Students are amazed by sizzling, shivering spoons and special bubbly showers!


Up, Up and Away

In this high-flying special event, children are introduced to the principles of air pressure. Experience a whirl of vortex, make a hot air balloon, watch a beach ball fly, and even get the chance to ride a hovercraft!


Sounds Like Science

Children get tuned into exploring sound by making a human wave. Other exciting demonstrations and experiments, include the surprisingly loud creature can, the electrified pickle, and a kid-created thunderstorm! This one is sure to end with a BANG!


Super Hero Science

In this exciting program we will unmask super hero powers that we read about and see in the movies with exciting interactive demonstrations. Be amazed as minds are read, electricity is controlled, and magnetism is contained. Find out how super heroes control fire and harness air pressure. Through science we can explore how all of us can aspire to be super heroes.


Space: A Universe of Science

Help us celebrate the moon landing with some FUN and exciting Space science! We will investigate rocket aerodynamics, thrust, and trajectory to see what it took to get to the moon. The fun doesn’t stop there, with the help of volunteers we head out into our solar system to survey other planets, comets and celestial bodies. A universe of adventures and untold stories await us….


Spin, Pop, Boom

The audience is amazed when the Mad Scientist defies gravity in this energetic and spectacular event. Children are enthralled by a genie in a bottle, soda geysers, foam fountains and exploding confetti. This event will leave the audience wanting more SCIENCE!


Science of Magic

A magician's worst nightmare - Magic secrets will be revealed as the students understand the pivotal role science plays in the world of magic. Discover how magicians use science to create illusions and slight-of-hand to misdirect their audiences. We will unravel the mystery of mind bending rope and card tricks, and see if magicians make things really disappear.


What do we know about H2O?

Students will be amazed at the incredible and often unknown properties of water. The presentation flows from understanding how water acts physically, to the importance of water conservation and what we can do to save this vital resource.


Halloween Event

In this spook-tacular event, children use science to reverse a witch's spell on Count Eggbert. They also experience creepy potions, a dry ice cemetery effect, and floating eyeballs that will amaze everyone!


Be Tobacco Free

An educational, and entertaining approach to helping children make healthy choices in life. This interactive event, featuring the science behind tobacco, uses thoughtful and fun demonstrations to show the effects of tobacco on your body. Suitable for grades 3 and up.


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