Our 5th Grade FSA Workshop Themes


Body Basics

Study the science of your insides by learning about the major systems of the human body. Get gross with our “digesto-rama” and try on our cool Body Parts Anatomy Apron. (NGSSS- SC.5.L.14.1, SC.5.L.14.2)


Dry Ice

Explore the three states of matter and the changes of state. Turn liquids to solids in seconds, create bubbling potions,]a huge fog storm, and explore what heat can do to matter. (NGSSS- SC.5.N.2.1, SC.5.P.8.1, SC.5.P.9.1)


Earth Science

Investigate the powerful processes that shape the planet and form remarkable rocks and magnificent minerals. Pan for minerals and take them home! (NGSSS- SC.4.E.6.2, SC.4.E.6.3, SC.4.E.6.4)


Energy Burst

Explore the various forms of energy, and how energy can be transferred and transformed. (NGSSS- SC.5.N.1.1, SC.5.N.2.1, SC.5.P.10.1, SC.5.P.10.4)


Moving Motion

Action equals reaction in this session. Discover how force creates movement and buckle up for a spectacular demo of these forces with a hovercraft ride. (NGSSS- SC.5.N.1.1, SC.5.P.10.2, SC.5.P.13.1, SC.5.P.13.2)


Space...The Final Frontier

Our space mission: To take an exciting look at planets, moons, comets, the stars, and other space phenomena (Space suits not required). We will explore our sun, moon, solar system, and discover the riddle of our seasons in this planetary tour! (NGSSS- SC.5.E.5.1, SC.5.E.5.3, SC.5.P.13.1)


Matter Mix It Up

Explore atoms and molecules. Observe the dramatic differences between physical and chemical changes. Make surprising solutions, mad mixtures, and SLIME to take home. (NGSSS- SC.5.P.8.3, SC.5.P.9.1, SC.5.P.10.1)


Exploring Ecosystems

Investigate the interconnections present in nature. Students will build ecosystem models and explore the elements of energy webs and food chains. They will reflect on how humans impact ecosystems and use field journals for everyday explorations. (NGSSS- SC.3.L.14.1, SC.4.L.16.4, SC.4.L.17.3, SC.5.L.14.2, SC.5.L.17.1)


Electricity & Circuits

Get ready for a hair raising experience as we ride the electron highway, explore static electricity, test materials for conductivity, make indoor lightning, and create circuits. (NGSSS- SC.5.N.1.1, SC.5.P.10.4)


Walloping Weather

Explore how weather, including hurricanes, develop, and how powerful they can be! Junior meteorologists will make forecasts, and explore the importance of our oceans. Students can consult their take home UV detectors for harmful sun rays and become experts in hurricane preparedness. (NGSSS- SC.5.E.7.1, SC.5.E.7.3)


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