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Want to take your class on an engaging science field trip without leaving school?  

Let us bring the science museum to you!

Mad Science can help you make dry science concepts come to life in a fun way with inquiry-based workshops that correlate directly to Florida's Next Generation Sunshine state grade level standards. Each workshop comes with:

  • Take Homes for every student and take home cards which serve to reforce what they learned. The whole family is invited to participate in our "Do this at home" activity on every take home card.  
  • Teacher Resource Package to help educators maximize the learning experience before and after each Mad Science workshop.

Our professional lesson plans present science concepts through hands-on activities and real life examples, with language that children understand. We present science in bold and innovative ways that draw students into the exciting world of possibility and discovery. Our proven method engages students in active experiential learning that heightens understanding, retention, and application. By adhering to the scientific method in our workshops we develop critical and investigative thinking skills in students.




Here are just a few of our fun and interactive STEM workshops:    

For a complete list see the document linked below this table


Grades K-2

Grades 3-5

Physical Science - Matter

Dry Ice Capades - Manipulate matter in all of its three states! Melt metal and use your own thermocolor cup to test the temperature of liquid. 

Slippery Science - Explore chemical and physical changes in matter through creating polymers and and other cool reactions.


Physical Science - Force, Motion, Energy

Magnetic Explorations - Discover how magnets attract and repel in this fantastic class. Make your own magnetic field tester to take home.

Simple Machines - Learn all about how simple machines make work easier. Explore levers,inclined planes, pulleys, and more. Builds your own catapult to take home.

Sound Basics - Explore sound waves and vibration in this "off beat" workshop.  Experience how sound waves are created and transmitted through different states of matter.

Fun-damental Forces -  Explore gravity, inertia, and centripetal forces in this introduction to forces. Discover the power of gyroscopes! Take home your own balancing eagle.  


Physical Science - Matter

Matter of Fact - Build model molecules and mix together chemicals to create physical or chemical changes. Copper plate a nickel though a chemical change

Jr. Reactors - Learn to recognize chemical reactions and mix up a few reactive ingredients for some sensational results! Take home your very own beaker to add to your lab!

Harnessing Heat - Explore how temperature affects chemical change and changes in state. Watch sugar go from a solid to a liquid and then back to solid in a different form. Take home some cotton candy - if it makes it home!

Playing With Polymers - Demystify a most beneficial type of molecule - Polymers. Explore what makes polymers special, its amazing properties, and the different types of polymers. Make a special polymer to take home.   


Physical Science - Force, Motion, Energy

Watt’s Up - Learn about static electricity, its properties, and its role in weather. Use a Van De Graff generator to see some truly “hair-raising” effects.

Sonic Sounds - Explore the phenomena of sound through waves and vibration. Experiment with our wacky voice effects generator.

Mischievous Magnets - Discover the amazing world of magnets. Learn how electricity can be used to make your own electromagnet!

Moving Motion - Catapult into Newton’s three laws of motion! See action and reaction at work with the Newton Spinner.  

Current Events -Take a tour on the electron freeway! Explore conductors and insulators and create basic circuits. Create your own Circuit Maze kit.


Life science and Living Systems

Digging For Dinosaurs - See what dinosaurs and today’s animals have in common. Examine real fossil casts and participate in a mini dino dig.

All About Animals - Explore the animal kingdom and learn about the habitats, adaptations, and life cycles of your favorite creatures.

Decomposers - Learn about the importance of decomposition and its role in the food chain. Discover worms and their benefits. Explore both plant and animal decomposers.  

Seeking Our Senses - Explore all 5 senses through various fun tests and see how they all work together to make "sense" of it all......


Life Science and Living Systems

Ecosystems - Investigate Interconnections present in nature and the essentials of a healthy environment

Grossology/Cells - Take an in-depth look at the parts of a cell and discover the difference between plant and animal cells. Make your own model cell to take home!

Body Basics - Explore our various body systems and and vital organs. See what makes us tick and end the class with your very own body apron.

Life in the Sea - Discover ocean habitats by experimenting with sea water and it’s unique properties. Explore the creatures that inhabit the ocean and learn about how they survive.  

Earth/Space Science

Earthworks - Uncover rock samples and discover how they were formed. See how sediment stacks in a multi-purpose test tube.

Where's the Air - Discover the power of air. Experience exciting air vortexes. See what happens to substances when we remove the air around them!

Space - Explore our solar system and outer space all around us. discover the importance of our sun as a creator of all our energy.

Earth/Space Science

Mineral Mania - Take a detailed look at how rocks are formed...and volcanoes! Learn how to classify rocks and go panning for gems.

Planets and Moons - Explore the furthest reaches of our solar system and learn how the planets stack up. See how we gravity affects satelites and other celestial bodies.

Sun & Stars - Explore our sun and the life cycle of stars. 

Walloping Weather - Explore what makes weather, the importance of air pressure, and types of precipitation.  Experience all the ways to measure weather.

  • If unsure which workshop might be best for your class, simply give us a call or send us a note. Our staff here are well versed in Sunshine State next generation standards and would be happy to help you select the most appropriate hands-on experience.
  • Team up with other classes and save. An individual workshop is priced at $185 each but 3 or more in the same day at your school reduces the price to $160 each.    

For a list of all our workshops see link here:

Mad Science Workshop Descriptions


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